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Looking for 1000 people to answer 3 questions for reseach

Looking for 1000 or more people both male and female to answer the following 3 questions for research for my new book.

3 question for research

1-Please describe your earliest memory of being afraid or scared? Do you still experience these feelings today?

2-What is the biggest challenge in your relationship right now, please describe why you think it’s your biggest challenge?

3-If the last 5 relationships you have had were all in one room, please describe what they would all say about you? Is there any reoccurring issue they would all say?

Please reply with your answer to emotionalgenesis@gmail.com

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When HOPE is lost


Without HOPE

When HOPE is lost despair sets in and creates and fuels your fears. Which brings back past trauma and emotional issues and creates negative situations in all your Relationships!

I can help restore HOPE and bring you back from the brink. You are NOT alone!


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