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Children learn by example

Children learn by example


Children are open vessels. They learn in many ways including by watching the actions of others, especially their parents or care givers. What you say, how you speak to others, how you treat other people, if you are kind, happy, gracious, giving, loving or angry, mean, sad, violent, or abusive, your children will see these actions and take it in as their own. It will show up in how they deal with people in their lives and sets them up for how they react in their future relationships.

We went to an Appalachian fair last night. Way too many children were pushing their way around on the lines to the rides. As I observed the parents gave no mind or correction to these children for pushing other children out of their way to get to the front to the line. One lady in charge of the ride sent 2 children to the end of the line for pushing. The parents of those two children then came over and were harassing the lady over sending their children to the end of the line. When she explained why and that they were pushing other children the parents had no concern whatsoever for what their children did to anyone else. They blamed the other children for letting themselves get pushed. The operator decided to ban those two children from the ride for the safety of all involved.  She was the only ride operator out of all the rides that night that made safety first a priority.

I have witnessed the same aggressive behavior in children at Walmart, the Zoo, the local park, and Chuck E.  Cheese to name a few. It appears to be an ongoing issue the question being where does it stem from and how to change the outcome before it gets out of control.

As with all things that effect children, it starts at home with the parents.

In the next post, I will discuss how this sort of behavior can lead to trouble for the children later in life:

Aggression in the Home and How It Affects Children

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