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Scare, afraid or unwilling to deal

Wow none of you are having or have had relationship issues?
Ok the 4 day course is $25 it is a course to learn how do find my soul mate, and achieve better relationships in your life.

This is a mini course on finding whats wrong and fixing the small things.

Do people irritate you, does your family cause you stress, do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted after being with certain people or work, are you always fighting with a loved one, are you angry.

If you can say yes to any of these the mini course will help you!

Why Suffer in Silence Feel truly happy with your relationships for the first time.

I have devised a system for recovery from abuse, neglect, and trauma that is unlike any other on the planet called Emotional Genesis Recovery System. I have used this system to help people heal completely from their trauma where they can step forward unburdened by their past. In my 33 years of therapy experience, I’ve treated most conditions listed in the DSM and helped clients with almost every life issue: self-esteem issues, PTSD, men’s and women’s issues, relationship issues, and sports psychology are a few of the issues I have helped people with in my long history in the field of psychology.

Dr John

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Relationship Issues

Are you going through hard times with your relationships?

Do you need help figuring out the problems?

Do you feel lost and all alone at times?

You have come to the right place my Relationship webinars and courses will help you get through the issues you are currently going through and have a more satisfying, fulfilled sense of your self and your Love life.


Dr John O’Connor Ph.D

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