Up and coming Holidays and Emotional Distractions

The holidays always bring a mixed bag of emotions for most people . If your childhood had difficulties in it, they carry over into adult life, showing up as anxiety attacks, sadness, depression, being closed off emotionally, problems relating to others, difficulty in social situations, and trust issues. With the right guidance and help, all these and more can be worked out. Why let your emotions control you?

We all experience life in a different way. No one, even brothers and sisters, react the same way or have the same emotional issues. The holidays seem to bring out all the issues we have tried to suppress all year long. With the emotions that come up during the holidays, our issues surface in our dreams, waking hours, day dreams, and visualizations, causing us to react and take in a lifetime’s worth of issues that have not been resolved.

So try and take a step back. Don’t let the holidays get you all wound up emotionally, and if it gets to be too much, seek help and guidance. Let this year be the year you really enjoy your holidays.

I have a new program we are working on to provide guidance for anyone one who needs it, whether its during the holidays, or any other time of the year. For those who cannot meet in person, we offer telephone sessions.

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