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School shootings and bullying

I will be adding more content on this post in the following days regarding the roll the schools and teachers play from actual interviews and data collected from clients and students.

Authorities say a shooter killed one student and wounded three others at the high school Wednesday morning. The wounded students are all expected to survive.

Authorities say the 15-year-old suspect in a deadly shooting at a Washington state high school brought two guns from home and had suicidal thoughts.

Court documents released Thursday say Caleb Sharpe told police he had been picked on by the student who was killed but didn’t target him specifically. He told officers he wanted to teach “everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others.” The documents say Sharpe had been in the care of a school counselor for suicidal thoughts and left a suicide note at his home.


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Are you missing out, unhappy, frustrated?

Do you or your employees need guidance to put their lives back in order? Individuals, companies, couples, Check out my site and contact me. We offer worldwide service to individuals and companies.

There too many things in this life that are out of our control that cause stress in our daily lives, hit trigger points from out past, create situations in our lives because of the negative life events that overwhelm them. In order to not be effected by outside forces we have to reduce our own issues.

or email me to set up an appointment to speak.

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Do you need Guidance?

Anxiety, sadness, stress, lack of energy, unhappy, hard to get out of bed in the morning, hard to get your day started, listless, reoccurring dreams from childhood, or any emotional issue from your past.
are you experiencing any of these or maybe most? They are a sign you need to find guidance in your life to heal the wounds that still effect you daily life.
All of out emotional issues do not just go away with time, they build up in side of us and come out in other ways. The past issues and pain you have gone through does not just vanish, holding it inside of you will eventually lead to an negative emotional eruption at the wrong time and with the wrong people. Don’t be that person!

Make a change for the better

Contact me and lets talk about how we can put you on a better path

Rev Dr John O’Connor PhD


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Up and coming Holidays and Emotional Distractions

The holidays always bring a mixed bag of emotions for most people . If your childhood had difficulties in it, they carry over into adult life, showing up as anxiety attacks, sadness, depression, being closed off emotionally, problems relating to others, difficulty in social situations, and trust issues. With the right guidance and help, all these and more can be worked out. Why let your emotions control you?

We all experience life in a different way. No one, even brothers and sisters, react the same way or have the same emotional issues. The holidays seem to bring out all the issues we have tried to suppress all year long. With the emotions that come up during the holidays, our issues surface in our dreams, waking hours, day dreams, and visualizations, causing us to react and take in a lifetime’s worth of issues that have not been resolved.

So try and take a step back. Don’t let the holidays get you all wound up emotionally, and if it gets to be too much, seek help and guidance. Let this year be the year you really enjoy your holidays.

I have a new program we are working on to provide guidance for anyone one who needs it, whether its during the holidays, or any other time of the year. For those who cannot meet in person, we offer telephone sessions.

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What the right Guidance will do for self esteem

This is a facebook post from someone I have worked with about her relationships and issues


I don’t really brag about myself or anything like that a lot…. But I want to put this into perspective for some people…. My entire life I’ve been self conscious about myself…. My weight my looks the list goes on…. I have always been afraid to put myself out there to either try and make friends or just about anything else…. Half of you on my friends list I have met through other people….. I’m a person terrified of doing something wrong…. But that’s not me anymore…. Anyway the point to this post is to inform everyone of my transformation…. A lot of my closer friends know I have bad anxiety these days…. And yes it sucks….. But I’m working with it… Also I have been getting compliments on how great I look and honestly I haven’t really gotten comments like that…. People who know me know I haven’t been the skinniest and I have been a smidge overweight for my body type…. I should exercise yes but I just never do…. But since everything in my life has been happening in such a blur I have dropped weight like no tomorrow…. But honestly the weight that I have dropped has made me feel really good about myself… I feel more confident as my weight was a huge part of my issue…. But I will have everyone know that I used to be a size 11 jeans and since April of this year I have dropped enough weight to fit back into my favorite size 7 jeans!…. Also I really want to thank a lot of people who have been helping me through a super tough time… Also rekindled friendships with Aleah and also my amazingly supportive boyfriend Chris thank you guys for being here for me… And my newly acquired big brother type Chris I have no clue what I would do without you guys in my life!!! I also want to give the biggest thanks to my mom Candice and her fiance Aaron you both are awesome and have been a couple of my biggest supporters….. I love you ALL so much and thank you for helping me through this difficult time I have been in…also a special thank you to John OConnor for helping guide me to see my self worth… I’m sorry this post is so long but I want everyone to know that I’m making it through my tough time in need and I have amazing people who love me and care…. And I’m glad to have them in my life as I achieve more happiness and reach my life goals! I love you guys and thank you for being here for me!

Are turbulent economic times affecting the employees in your company?

Are turbulent economic times affecting the employees in your company? Are they distracted to the point where it’s affecting their jobs? How do you keep your team together so it doesn’t turn into “every man for himself?” Rev. Dr. John O’Connor’s multi-tiered approach will help you learn about how worry about the economy could be poisoning your business’s bottom dollar. Ask about your seminar on How to Fix Any Business Relationship at

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What is trauma?

Trauma for some people’s a very difficult word to understand including what exactly the meaning of it would be let me try and explain a little bit more about what constitutes trauma. If you are going through relationship issues and are experiencing any kind of emotional drain anxiety attacks fear despair broken heart if you’re feeling alone or abandoned unwanted these are all symptoms of experiencing the trauma. Any kind of a negative emotional situation, breakdown anger constant crying feeling of hopelessness constant arguing and battles mistrust all come from experiencing some sort of a emotional relationship traumatic event.

So when I say trauma in my description what I’m really talking about is a cumulation of events that goes on in your life that affect how you feel, your Outlook what you see when you look in the mirror, your view of other people. your friends. your family. your love ones. and the internal struggle that you go through to keep hope alive when all seems lost.
Though no one wants to admit they have been through trauma is not just PTSD. or a severe car wreck. or living through a new age apocalypse. or in modern day surviving. or witnessing another getting harmed. or killed in what was supposed to be a peaceful event.

My emotional Genesis recovery system will help you deal with and overcome all these negative life events that you’re exposed to on a daily basis. By working with you on a one-on-one basis in helping you get through the issues you are personally experiencing and going through, the triggers that they are pushing, the anxiety and lack of hope you are experiencing all can be healed and hope brought back to to fill that empty void in our lives caused by the relationship issues we contend with on a daily basis.

Dr John

giving 1

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Relationship Mindset Makeover

Relationships are a very difficult thing to manage in our lives no one seem to be there these days to help protect us and too many people feel all alone on this planet with no one to turn to or talk to when our emotions are hijacked and left to spin out of control.
I can teach you how to over come all these things that destroy all HOPE we have .
But here’s the thing… NONE of what I’ve will be teaching will work for you if you’re still holding on to limiting beliefs or disempowering mindsets about your self and are not open to change in your life
Would you be interested in working with me to create a “Relationship mindset makeover” for yourself?


Dr John

lost hope3

When HOPE is lost


Without HOPE

When HOPE is lost despair sets in and creates and fuels your fears. Which brings back past trauma and emotional issues and creates negative situations in all your Relationships!

I can help restore HOPE and bring you back from the brink. You are NOT alone!

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